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Expect comprehensive, cutting-edge audiological care — delivered in a highly personal and compassionate manner — when you trust your hearing to Northwest Audiology & Hearing Aid Center. At every point of your experience with us, our goal is to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our services.

Diagnostic Testing

Because hearing loss affects people of all ages, our audiology team is skilled in diagnostic testing for infants, children, adolescents and adults. Regardless of your age, we use the latest diagnostic technologies, coupled with audiological best practices, to identify which hearing aid will help you hear to your fullest potential.

Our diagnostic capabilities go beyond the basic hearing test. For example, a test called tympanometry detects disorders of the middle ear. Another advanced test measures otoacoustic emissions (OAEs), enabling us to evaluate inner ear health.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

To recommend the ideal hearing solution for you, we don’t just perform a hearing test. We also ask you a lot of questions related to your lifestyle, and we obtain a clear picture of your personal preferences. This in-depth discovery process takes extra time — but it reflects our dedication to individualized care and your complete satisfaction.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Aftercare

Your hearing aid fitting is an exciting milestone. But it’s really just the start of our commitment to you and your long-term satisfaction. As a Northwest Audiology patient, you’ll visit us every six months (or more often, if needed) for the life of your hearing aids. This allows us to monitor your hearing health and fine-tune your hearing aid settings as necessary.

Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Evaluation

Perhaps you have a condition — for example, a problem with your ear canal or middle ear, or deafness in one ear — that cannot be treated with traditional hearing aids. We possess the audiological expertise to evaluate you for a special device called a bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA). A BAHA combines a sound processor with a small titanium fixture that’s surgically implanted behind the ear.

Cochlear Implant Evaluation

Certain individuals, both children and adults, may be candidates for a cochlear implant, especially those who are deaf or severely hearing impaired. With this technology, a tiny electrode surgically implanted behind the ear directly stimulates the nerves that send sound signals to the brain. At Northwest Audiology, we provide evaluations to determine the appropriateness of cochlear implantation.

Vestibular Testing

Do you have dizziness or balance issues? Using special equipment, we’ll use a series of tests to assess the function of your vestibular system. These tests can help a physician determine the presence and location of balance disturbances.

All-Make Hearing Aid Repairs

We’re able to take care of most minor hearing aid repairs right here in our office — avoiding a potentially costly trip to the manufacturer. Our services include troubleshooting, cleaning, re-tubing and diagnosing malfunctions. In addition, we can reprogram hearing aids to ensure that you’re receiving maximum benefit.

Custom Ear and Hearing Protection

Prevent hearing problems with our custom-made hearing protection and swim plugs. Custom swim plugs keep water out of your ear canals, preventing “swimmer’s ear” that can lead to infections and even temporary hearing loss. Swim plugs may also be used in conjunction with ventilation tubes or if you have frequent external ear canal infections. Custom hearing protection provides a comfortable way to suppress excessive noise (85 decibels or more) generated by concerts, sporting events, hunting and other high-noise situations. Many people also use hearing protection to block snoring sounds from their sleep partner.

Referrals for Medical and Surgical Care

A close working relationship with our colleagues at Northwest ENT & Allergy Center ensures a smooth transition to excellent medical and surgical care for diseases of the ear, nose and throat. This includes BAHA and cochlear implantations, as well as treatment of vestibular conditions.

Why Trust Your Hearing to an Audiologist?

The audiologists at Northwest Audiology & Hearing Aid Center are licensed professionals with doctoral or master’s level training. Watch this video to learn why they are your best choice for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of hearing conditions.