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Hearing Aids

Choosing the right hearing aid provider can be confusing and stressful. But if you live in northwestern Georgia, the choice is easy: Northwest Audiology & Hearing Aid Center. Research shows that consumer satisfaction is highest when hearing aids are fit by hearing healthcare professionals — and no one in the region surpasses the expertise of our audiologists.

A hearing solution tailored to you

You can have total peace of mind knowing we’ll recommend a hearing solution that’s a perfect fit for your hearing loss, lifestyle, preferences and budget. Our main objective is to help you hear to your full potential, while giving you maximum comfort and convenience.

We offer the most advanced, fully digital hearing aids from Signia, Widex, Phonak, ReSound and Starkey in a variety of hearing aid styles and technology levels. Following is a basic overview of each style. Your audiologist can answer any questions you may have and discuss which hearing aid is right for you.

Behind-the-ear styles.
A behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid sits behind or on top of the outer ear, with tubing or a tiny wire that routes sounds down to a tip or custom earmold in the ear canal. BTEs are available in a wide range of colors and designs, whether you want to conceal the hearing aid or express your personal style. Specific BTE styles include:

  • Receiver-in-canal (RIC), also known as receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)
  • Mini-BTE with slim tube and tip
  • BTE with earmold

In many instances, we can send patients home with BTE hearing aids on the same day as their hearing evaluation.

In-the-ear styles.
An in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid is custom-fit to the exact shape of your outer ear and/or ear canal. ITE models are available in different colors to blend with your skin tone. Following are the ITE styles from smallest to largest:

  • Invisible in the canal (IIC)
  • Completely in the canal (CIC)
  • In the canal (ITC)
  • Half shell
  • Full shell

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Our commitment to your satisfaction

At Northwest Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, our goal is your 100% satisfaction. That’s why your new hearing aids come with a 30-day adjustment period. In addition, you’ll receive aftercare for the life of your hearing aids, including regular cleaning, inspection and adjustments, as necessary. And, if you ever have a problem with your hearing aids after the warranty expires, we can perform many minor repairs right here in our office, preventing a potentially costly trip to the factory.

Custom ear and hearing protection

Are you exposed to loud noise? We provide custom-made hearing protection that suppresses excessive noise generated in a variety of everyday situations. Do you enjoy water sports? Our custom swim plugs keep water out of your ear canals, preventing “swimmer’s ear” that can lead to infections and even temporary hearing loss.

Assistive listening devices

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) can complement the performance of your hearing aids in specific situations, or in many cases they may be used by themselves. Our selection of ALDs includes amplified telephones, alert devices, infrared listening systems and TV listening products.

Cochlear implants

Certain individuals, both children and adults, may be candidates for a cochlear implant, especially those who are deaf or severely hearing impaired. With this technology, a tiny electrode surgically implanted behind the ear directly stimulates the nerves that send sound signals to the brain. If our evaluation determines that cochlear implantation is appropriate for you, we’ll refer you to a physician at Northwest ENT & Allergy Center.